Net Sales:$63.7B

・digital devices
・f Amazon Prime memberships are also considered arrangements with multiple deliverables, including shipping
benefits, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, and access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
・Product sales
・Service sales(AWS)

(1) オンラインオフラインの小売・出版・販売業者・配送業者
online, offline, and multichannel retailers, publishers, vendors, distributors, manufacturers, and producers of the products we offer and sell to consumers and businesses
publishers, producers, and distributors of physical, digital, and interactive media of all types and all distribution channels
web search engines, comparison shopping websites, social networks, web portals, and other online and app-based means of discovering, using, or acquiring goods and services, either directly or in collaboration with other retailers;
companies that provide e-commerce services, including website development, advertising, fulfillment, customer service, and payment processing
companies that provide fulfillment and logistics services for themselves or for third parties, whether online or offline
companies that provide information technology services or products, including onpremises or cloud-based infrastructure and other services; and



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